Dates: May 25-27, 2015
Location: Sangkhlaburi

Another rainy season had started. We went to visit the users of SODIS X for their latest feedback. Some people said that when it rained for an extended period, they would boil water for drinking instead. This action followed the training that our team had given earlier: during an extended period of rain, SODIS could be less effective, so the users should boil water for drinking and still refrain from water that has not been disinfected. 

Many staffers of development organizations from the Mon state were at Pattanarak for a month-long training on various development areas, including drinking-water safety and hygiene, and solar drying.

Also, we met with the teachers at a local school and presented to them the latest set of lessons on drinking-water safety and hygiene that we had tailored for the students. The lesson plan was finalized.

Check out the photos below!