Dates: Apr 28-30, 2015
Location: Sangkhlaburi

Our team continued to gather feedback and suggestions from the users who had been participating in the SODIS X usability study. We also started a dialogue with the Viakadee community's saving group, which was one of the local businesses who could be interested in pursuing production and distribution of SODIS X products. Also, we visited Wat Wang school and discussed with the teachers the possibility of tailoring a series of lessons and teaching materials on drinking-water safety, hygiene, and water treatments, for the students. The idea was well received by the teachers and we will sketch out the specific lessons when we meet again in May. In addition to the regular lessons given to the students who visited Pattanarak's training center on school trips, these in-school lessons and teaching materials, which we hope will be continued by the schools in the future, should help broaden the long-term impacts of UpWater.

Check out the photos below!