Dates: Jan 21-23, 2015
Location: Sangkhlaburi

The SODIS X usability study has begun! Up to this point, we have extensively studied the disinfection efficacy and material integrity of SODIS X, ensuring that the device can effectively inactivate pathogens in water to make it safe for drinking and that the materials of the device also stay functioning and safe for at least a few months of usages. Over 30 of the households, who had participated in our community health campaign and learned about drinking-water safety and available treatment methods, have signed up to use SODIS X for treating drinking water for their families and to also help provide us feedback on the usability of the devices. We went to visit the families 2 weeks after they started using the devices, to get initial feedback and give advice on proper usage. The feedback thus fas has been positive and encouraging! Meanwhile, our team have started a second round of disinfection efficacy and material integrity studies at Pattanarak.

Check out the photos below!

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