UpWater endeavors to improve the drinking water quality of low-income families in rural areas. This project brings together an innovative device (SODIS X) that uses sunlight to disinfect water, with an educational program to drive social transformation around safe drinking water practices. Through the pilot, 137 households opted to use SODIS X when they were given the opportunity to try the product, and after the 6-month trial period, at least 59% of the early adopters were still using SODIS X. Additionally, almost 1,000 people, including over 400 young students, have participated in the educational program so far. This project also encourages those who opt not to use SODIS X to adopt other safe drinking water practices such as boiling, which many families have done. To facilitate long-term distribution of the product, rather than giving away the product for free, market-based mechanisms are used to create value and jobs in the communities. UpWater is supported by Grand Challenges Canada. The slides below provide an abridged overview of the project: